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Macroeconomics I - Master in Economics

Outline of the course

Click here to obtain the syllabus of the course in PDF.

The course aims at introducing the students to modern macroeconomic theory. Topics comprise of an exploration of the main stylized facts that motivate modern models of growth and business cycles, the neoclassical growth model, various one-sector models of endogenous growth, and the foundations of the Real Business Cycle model. The common framework consists of dynamic general equilibrium models in discrete time. The course serves also as an introduction to the mathematical toolbox of modern macroeconomics.

There will be five problem sets (approximately one every second week), a midterm, and a final examination. The final grade of the course will be the maximum between a mixed grade (where problem sets account for 30%, the midterm exam for 30%, and the final exam for 40%) and the grade of the final exam.

Required and recommended readings will be communicated in due time before each lecture.

Problem sets

Problem set 1. Deadline: Friday, October 14 at 23:59.

Problem set 2. Deadline: Wednesday, November 2 at 23:59.

Problem set 3. Deadline: Friday, November 18 at 23:59.

Problem set 4. Deadline: Friday, December 2 at 23:59.

Problem set 5. Deadline: Wednesday, December 14 at 16:00 (before the exam).


Midterm exam. Friday, November 11, 2011.

Final exam. Wednesday, December 14, 2011.